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Album: Clint Compose – Son Of The Soil (Nwa Afor)

Son Of The Soil (Nwa Afor) by Clint Compose



Clint Compose is a music producer, Nigerian born native who found his love for music around the age of 14, During that time Clint Compose linked with Scru Face Jean and they have been an unstoppable duo ever since with Clint Compose Producing most of, if not all his music.

This dynamic landed him several opportunities as a producer which helped him hone his skills, staying consistent working to help his fellow artist SFJ gain more notoriety as an artist. Whatever was needed Clint Compose almost had the Midas touch in finding a way to make it happen, From booking several successful tours for his artist at the time to picking up a camera and becoming one of the best if not the best videographer in his home town according to sources we spoke to to back up this claim, His YouTube channel is filled with an insane amount of high quality films he either directed shot and or edited just to get his name out there
Clint Compose has been Grinding for many years. Its clear he also focused a lot more on the business side of things on the side of putting in work in the gym improving and pick up skills left and right. This combination of drive and effort has been the reason Clint Compose has been able to Produce for more well known artist other than Scru he has produced for Tech N9NERich The Kid and more.
Fast forward to this present moment, Clint Compose is releasing his own project titled “Son Of The Soil” (Nwa Afor) is the native way of saying it, if you can’t pronounce, after listening to it on the first track of the project you will be able to. Clint Compose putting a project has been long over dew. He is currently sitting on several albums or projects waiting to be released.
“I will make some kind of noise in this space, i love what I do but its more than just music to me, Im constantly improving, I want my music to move people in some way shape or form. I can’t quite describe my sound yet because coming from a producer background especially with the way my mind is conditioned I listen to almost anything to get inspired. I love sound, I’m an addict to it and I plan to put out more sonics this coming year”.
Son of the Soil (NWA AFOR) album is set to release December 31st on all streaming platforms. Follow Clint Compose on all social media @CLINTCOMPOSE, Stream and buy his album “Son of the Soil
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