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Man asks lady to walk back home after she refused to follow him to his house after a date (video)


A lady has taken to Twitter to share the experience she had with a man she went on a leisure date with.

The lady, identified as @jaipurlan on Twitter, had noticed that the man was putting up an attitude and pressing his phone during the date, and asked what was wrong.

To her surprise, the man asked her to start walking back home since she didn’t agree to go back to his house with him.

Responding, she pointed out that he drove her to the location and should take her back to her house, but the man insisted that there’s no point taking her home and ‘wasting gas’ when she won’t go to his house with him.

@jaipurlan who felt disturbed by this, stated that she’s not comfortable with going to his house because they just met and she doesn’t know him well enough, but the man maintained his stance.

She discretely filmed their conversation and shared it online, while noting that she paid for her food during the date.

“Paid for my own meal, slid him gas and this is how the date ended”, she wrote.

She added, “The men bashing me for paying are the same ones screaming that women are gold diggers and only want free meals. can’t win smh.
1. I expected the gas money back because it was only give because his check hadn’t come yet
2. There’s nothing wrong with paying for my own food..”

Watch the video below,



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