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Ritual Killers Are Muslims, Christians – Traditionalists In Ogun


Traditionalists in Ogun State have distanced themselves from various cases of ritual killings happening in the state, saying those behind the nefarious act are Muslims and Christians.

The idol worshippers said those killing fellow human beings for money rituals are Muslims and Christians, who they said have infiltrated them.

This is coming barely one week after some teenage boys were caught while burning the head of a girl in Oke Aregba, Abeokuta for a money ritual.

The boys, who bear Muslim names like Soliudeen Majekodunmi, Mustakeem Balogun, Abdulgafar Lukman and Wariz Oladeinde, had slaughtered a Muslim girl, Sofiat Okeowo in order to become rich.

In an interview with DAILY POST, the Oba Isese worldwide, Ifarotimi Adifagbola Balogun, stated that those perpetrating the crimes are not part of them.

According to him, a true traditionalist knows what is forbidden and abominable, adding that a traditionalist neither goes to mosque nor church.

Balogun opined that the names of those who have been arrested for ritual killings so far have shown that they are either Muslims or Christians.

He declared that idolaters in Ogun State and other places do not engage in killing people for any reason whatsoever.

Balogun said: “There is a difference between a Babalawo and an idol worshipper. People from the borrowed religions are the ones doing all these ritual killings. They don’t belong here. They are not traditionalists.

“Those people from the other side have ‘sneaked’ into alternate medicine, causing crises here and there. A Babalawo or an idol worshipper knows what is abominable and forbidden. They know what they should do and what they should not do. But these hanky panky people have infiltrated us. As we are, we don’t go to the mosque, we are not Islamic clerics, we don’t go to church. We face our religion, which is idolatry.

“When these ritual killers are arrested, the names you hear are like Musliu, Yusuf, Daniel. You won’t hear the name of an idol worshipper. Nothing concerns traditionalists with killing or cutting people heads for ritual. We are clean and pure. May God expose the evildoers.”

Source:- Daily Post

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